Construction Services

construction-servicesHCI has a comprehensive list of services that we provide during construction in order to ensure the successful completion of your project.

  1. Provide a qualified project superintendent appropriate for each project.
  2. Maintain a daily log of the events on the project.
  3. Maintain drawings showing locations of all utilities and mechanical and electrical services.
  4. Maintain quality control through our own forces as well as that of appropriate independent testing agencies as required.
  5. Monitor material delivery schedules for all trades in order to maintain progress.
  6. Hold regular job site meetings to review progress and coordinate work.  Receive, process, and disseminate all communications between the design team and the trade contractors including revised drawings, shop drawings, change orders, etc.
  7. Establish and enforce job site rules regarding parking, clean-up, use of facilities, and worker discipline.  We will provide labor relations management and trade contractor selection that will aide in achieving a harmonious, productive project.
  8. Establish and monitor a safety program that will meet OSHA requirements.  We require each trade contractor to be compliant with these regulations.
  9. Assure temporary fire protection methods during construction.
  10. Provide first aid services to the extent appropriate including the procurement of any needed emergency services.
  11. Work with you and your architect to determine the most efficient approach for temporary facilities during construction including all utilities, heat, and sanitary facilities.
  12. Provide an up-dated construction schedule as required by the contract documents.
  13. Institute an OSHA approved Hazmat program.