Inspections and Testing

  1. At the onset of the project the Superintendent and PM shall review the contract documents to determine the types and quantity of inspections and testing required.
  2. Inspections shall include preparatory, initial, follow-up, completion and final.
  3. HCI shall identify parties that are to be notified.

Control of Stored Materials, Equipment and Supplies

The Superintendent shall ensure that there is adequate control of material stored for use on this contract and that the material is protected from weather, theft and or pilferage.

Non-Conforming Material Control

The Superintendent shall specifically mark non-conforming articles in order to prevent their use. They
shall be identified and separated from normal work operations.


The Superintendent may disposition nonconforming articles only to the extent of scrapping the article or reworking it to specification requirements. “Repair” and “Use As-Is” dispositions must have the approval of the client’s designated representative.