HCI Construction Inc. recognizes the importance of completing a project on time.  It is critical for our client to take occupancy of the new facility without delay.  By maintaining schedule, added construction costs pertaining to general conditions, wage increases, and material escalation can be reduced or avoided.

Considering the link between schedule and budget, the project CPM (Critical Path Method) schedule is an important tool when managing a project.  We have included a sample of a recent project that we have commenced.


Key Bank Demolition Project >>
The Key Bank Demolition Project included asbestos abatement and bank vault removal.

HCI’s Project Managers have been utilizing CPM computer software for over 25 years including Primavera software.  We have developed simple bar chart schedules with as few as ten line items as well as very complex CPM schedules with over 2,000 activities.

Our approach to scheduling for this project would include these major aspects:

  1. Defining owner’s expectations (desires) for the schedule.
  2. Establish mile stone completion dates.
  3. Identify potential barriers early on in the project so that appropriate decisions can be made to avoid delays.
  4. Develop a CPM schedule for all aspects of the project including: design, permitting, procurement, construction, and occupancy.
  5. Repeated emphasis to all participants in the design and construction of the required mile stone dates.
  6. Provide updates to schedules as required.

The cornerstone to successful integration of managing multiple projects and multiple subcontractors simultaneously is scheduling. Effective scheduling results in timely and efficient project execution regardless of the number of subcontractors involved. However, ineffective scheduling can result in work stoppages, poor quality, confusion, and ultimately, project failure. HCI possesses a quality-scheduling department that has the ability to coordinate the work of its own crews and complex subcontractor coordination. Our on-site management teams are skilled in all facets of project management and coordination.

The HCI Team will utilize Microsoft Office Project system software for this contract.

We will develop all required Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) for the complete project, which will be the hierarchical structure of all the tasks of work required to plan and execute all aspects of any project tasked within this contract. Our process begins with creating an Executive Level baseline schedule identifying the overall goals (milestones) of the project. We will work closely with our customer in developing the major milestones, phasing requirements and coordination effort for the master schedule generation. We will meet with subcontractors to discuss scope and other pertinent issues, which will enable our team to organize the project with the correct timing and phasing requirements. We will establish which tasks need to be completed before others can begin, which tasks can be completed simultaneously, and any external constraints that affect the performance of a task.