Testing Control

  1. The specifications outline the minimum amount of field control tests that are to be performed. However, additional tests may be required depending upon satisfactory results of initial testing, weather conditions or other conditions that may affect the required results of the testing procedures.
  2. All required off-site laboratory testing performed, is subject to the Customer Representative’s approval.
  3. The Superintendent will make all necessary arrangements for control testing, and when the presence of the Customer Representative is required, he will give proper notice.
  4. Qualified technicians will be provided during testing of lead and asbestos.
  5. All measuring and test equipment required by the specifications will be calibrated and maintained to traceable applicable standards. Each instrument will be plainly numbered and will be operated only by those persons directly responsible for its function.
  6. All testing equipment will be checked for accuracy and calibrated, as required to insure its proper function. All testing equipment will contain a current calibration certificate.
  7. Notify the client 24 hours before performing test.
  8. Insure that the test personnel have a thorough knowledge of the test instruments being used.
  9. Note the test requirements and criteria for successful completion of test.
  10. Proceed with test. Verify each reading and document result. Tests will be performed in accordance with properly authorized and approved test procedures.
  11. When test results by a testing laboratory are provided, they shall cite the contract requirements, the actual test result and include a statement that the item conforms with or fails to conform to the specified requirements.
  12. The Superintendent will ensure that, along with the Customer’s Representative, the representatives of the work in question are present for testing operations.