Quality Control

quality-controlOur Team’s proven Quality Control Approach for this contact has been developed through years of successful performance on similar contracts of this magnitude. It is the policy of our company to clearly define and meet all required quality requirements and actively promote continuous improvement in all aspects of the business. Our quality objectives are as follows:

  • To implement procedures and provisions throughout the organization consistent with our client’s quality standards
  • To continually evaluate the quality system, seeking further improvements through regular assessment and review
  • To consistently achieve compliance with all contractual and environmental requirements
  • To actively stimulate and encourage the ongoing motivation of all our personnel fostering pride in the quality services that we provide


Quality Control consists of identifying objective standards, specifications, or criteria which will guide the assignment to the desired result (preparation phase), performing work to those established standards (implementation phase), and regularly monitoring work performance to confirm that required results are obtained (follow-up phase). Each individual team member is responsible for checking his or her own work according to our QAQC program and the Project Superintendent that coordinates and checks his team’s work.

Our approach introduces quality control at the beginning and periodically throughout the on-going project, instead of inspecting at the end of the project. In this way we can find changes as the project evolves, thus minimizing costs and schedule delays near the end of the project. For quality verification to be effective, it must be independent of the day-to-day activities of the project.